Mangosteen fruit in scientific  have name Garcinia Mangostana it is a tropical tree which is believed come from Indonesia and  are available in some areas of Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam, and also in some African regions.

Mangosteen fruit has three main pste and cannot be eaten while the meat has a sweet taste. Mangosteen became of traditional medicine that is used in many Asian countries.

Mangosteen rich of essential nutrients needed for growth and for meet the nutritional needs.

These are some Benefits of Mangosteen for Health :

1. Contains of antioxidant

Antioxidant can repair cells damage caused by free radicals, slow aging and prevent from disease. Mangosteen fruit is often used for traditional treatments to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer.

2. To Prevent Kidney Stones diseases

Someone who consumes mangosteen fruit will often to outside urinate, it is this which could prevent you from kidney stones diseases. To get the benefits of the mangosteen fruit try to consume minimum 3 ounces in each day.

3. Low Calories
Mangosteen have very low calorie that is 63 calories at 100 g and nothing of saturated fat or cholesterol. But is rich in dietary fiber that is 100 g provides about 13 % RDA which can be very important if you want to diet.

4. Rich of Vitamin C
Mangosteen fruit contains of vitamin approximately 12 % RDA at 100g can soluble in the water and vitamin C providing resistance to infection, flu and

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